#Mashup – Plum Lace Scarf

Another fun yarn/pattern combo that I found that I am going to call Plum Lace. Details below!

The Yarn:

Company/Store: Western Sky Knits
Colorway: Dark Night; a variegated yarn with dark purples, plums and magentas
Weight/Length: DK/250 yards
Material: 80/10/10 Mer/Cash/Nyl

The Pattern:

I found this pattern by Lacy Crochet called Lacy Stitch for a Scarf:

Lacy Stitch by Lacy Crochet

Lacy Stitch by Lacy Crochet

I knew it would work really nicely with the purple yarn and would really show off the subtle changes in its colors. Here are some work in progress photos:



It works up quickly but looks really intricate, so I hope to finish it soon and will post a photo of the completed scarf!

Post Update: 8/23/13

Completed! The final dimensions are 6in width x 60in length.

This item is For Sale! Link to Etsy Product Page!

plumlace5 plumlace4

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#Mashup – Ocean Waves Scarf

I wanted to share another scarf project I am working on currently. I call it the Ocean Waves scarf as the pattern with this yarn reminds me of ocean waves lapping up on the shores of a sunny beach. Another yarn/pattern combo that I am super glad to have found.

The Yarn:

I found this beautiful Schaefer Yarn recently at a yarn shop called Imagine in Bemus Point, NY while visiting family for the 4th of July holiday. While there I learned that the owner of Schaefer Yarn retired and so the company went out of business in late 2012. However I snagged the last 2 skeins of yarn the store had and this was one of them. The color is noted as Julia Morgan however the photo better describes the colors, blues, aquas and sand colors.


The Pattern:

I am following the pattern called Modulation (Ravelry Link) and I think its turning out really cool. The yarn transitions colors in a neat way that makes these zigzags which after the first few rows started looking like waves.


Since the yarn is fingering its taking awhile to make but I have about 12 inches done so far and I am really liking how its going. So once  I am done I will post up a photo of the completed scarf! Hope you like it too!

Update 9/4/2013

My photo above has been featured on the Ravelry Page for this pattern! Super neat! Also I am still not finished but as soon as I am will post photos!

Update 11/4/2013

As I got near the end of the skein I had, I quickly realized that this scarf was not going to get too much longer than 40 inches, which I was originally very sad about, its about 34 inches long right now. By luck however I was browsing Ravelry’s stash pages for yarn and happened to find someone willing to sell 2 smaller skeins of this exact Schaefer yarn! What luck! I ordered them right away and they arrived this afternoon so this project is off the back burner and now something I hope to finish soon. I am so looking forward to finishing this as I love the colors. Here is an update shot with the additional yarn I got today.


Final Stats

Size: 8 inches wide by 64 inches long
Yarn Used: 450 yards (all of original skein) + 250 approx of another skein totaling about 700 yards!

The first skein I bought was a full skein at 450 yards, I ran out of yarn around 40 inches in and was so sad that it might not get any longer! No fear! Ravelry to the rescue! I found someone who had 2 smaller skeins (320 yards each) of this exact yarn being sold as a pair and I snatched them up quick. I used almost all of another of the smaller skeins so I have 1 smaller skein left plus about 60 to 70 yards.

By far the longest it has ever taken me to finish a scarf (about 5 months) however I worked on it off and on, it was a great travel project, and factoring in having to get more yarn played a part too. However it is done and I cannot be more thrilled with how it looks!

I do admit the newer skeins I bought have a deeper aqua color than the original skein I bought so it does shift in color a tad a little over halfway through but I consider it more of a blend and it is not so drastic it looks off, so I am still super happy with it, below are finished pics!

This item is For Sale! Link to Etsy Product Listing!





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BlueberryPie Scarf Pattern!

So this is kinda a big deal for me and I am super excited to list my very first homemade pattern!

It is for my BlueberryPie Scarf that I originally posted about here.

I have created a Free Patterns section to my site here so as I add more they will all be collected there.

*Drum roll please* …. I am proud to announce my BlueberryPie Scarf Pattern! *Clapping* *Chearing* Woohoo!


BlueberryPie Scarf Pattern

For those that prefer downloadable PDFs you can use your favorite crafty site here:


Please Note: There are no restrictions on the use of my patterns however the patterns themselves are not for sale, resale or duplication. Please give credit by linking to the pattern if used, I enjoy seeing what others make with it!

#Mashup – Blueberry Pie Scarf

I am very excited about this scarf for a few reasons. 1 – I learned a new stitch 2 – I did not follow a pattern and came up with the pattern myself and 3 – I got to use this super cute blueberry colored yarn.

Ok so first we will start with yarn. It is made by Ella Rae (link to yarn.com to see examples) and since the label simply says the color is #13 I have decided to call it Blueberry Pie. It is a worsted lace merino yarn and looked like this when I got it balled up:





After I got the yarn I was searching around for something to make with it and came across this little video tutorial for this crazy stitch called the Odd Forked Cluster stitch. It sounds hard, but it’s actually super easy and turns out really cool, check out the video for it:

I did about 5 rows of this stitch and thought the scarf needed something else and not just row after row of this stitch even though its super cool. Wanting to do something different on my own I decided on 2 rows of 1 dc ch1 rows (to create the boxes effect) and then 2 rows of just sc across. I did this 3 times. See progress here:



I then went back to 5 rows of the Odd Forked Cluster Stitch, when I did this, because of the way the cluster stitch works in the same stitch 2 times it made those rows wider then the other rows of just the dc and sc (you can see the edge gets skinnier and then wider again in the photo) and it made the rows of the Cluster Stitch bumpy. At first I did not think I liked it but then it reminded me of Blueberry Pie bubbling over the pie pan when baking and thats when I decided that is what I would name this yarn and thus this scarf the Blueberry Pie Scarf.

Half way through making this I thought about writing up the pattern I ended up doing. I may still, which would make this my very first pattern!!! So hopefully I can remember what I did!

Here are some photos of the finished scarf. If I do write up the pattern soon I will update this post with a link to it! I think it turned out cute what do you think?



Update 7/21/2013:

Pattern for this scarf available here!

This item is For Sale! Link to Etsy Product Page!


Slant Stitch Scarf

I had pinned this pattern when I first began to learn how to crochet and I finally got back to it just last week. It is a pretty basic pattern using a slant stitch. See photo of the example used with a link to the pattern here:

Slant Stitch Scarf

Slant Stitch Scarf

I had a few colors of Red Heart – With Love yarn so I thought I would use them with this pattern. I wanted to change colors every few rows but not just simply one color to the next so I alternated colors, first with the SC row, then with the Slant Stitch row to create a type of gradient transition between the colors. See my example work in progress:

Slant Stitch 1

Slant Stitch 1

Here is another photo I am using 3 colors, the purple will be the main color for awhile and once I get close to the end I will transition back to blue, then back to the magenta color at the other end.

Slant Stitch 2

Slant Stitch 2

I followed the pattern exactly like it describes, I will just keep repeating row 2 & 3 (as noted in the pattern) for however long I need the scarf. This yarn is a bit thicker (or I think fluffy) than regular worsted weight yarn but I think it will make a great winter scarf once its done. I will update this post again with photos once its completed!

CroCreations Infinity Scarf Pattern

I was searching around the interwebs this past week for another scarf pattern that would be perfect for some chunky yarn I have that I bought at a yarn show by James C Brett. I very much wish I had bought more but I only ended up getting a skein of his MC28 color:



The pattern I ended up using was a variation of Caron.com’s Bellflower Infinity Scarf by CroCreations. See the sample photo:

CroCreations Infinity Scarf

The only modification I made to the CroCreations version of this pattern was I added an extra set of Shells so it was a bit wider:


CroCreations Scarf

I love the color blending and it seems to change equally between rows too which is really neat. I will post more photos once its longer!

Wishing all the Dads out there including mine a Happy Father’s Day!!

5/18/2013 – UPDATE

It is finished, here is a photo of the completed infinity scarf!

Finished CroCreations Scarf

Finished CroCreations Scarf

Recent Pattern Finds

I have been working on 3 new patterns I have found over the last week or so and wanted to share them.

Pattern 1 – Aquatic Blossom Infinity Scarf

The first is a pattern for an infinity scarf using a pattern called Aquatic Blossom and I followed this great tutorial on Crochet Geek.

The video was helpful, since I am mostly a visual learner I find that pairing written instructions with a quick help video to be the best way I learn new patterns. Here is the video if you are interested!

Here is a photo of my work so far, I have 2 rounds done and moving onto the 3rd, my blossoms seem to be a bit lopsided but I really like how its turning out either way!


Aquatic Blossom


Aquatic Blossom

Update 6/30/13:

Here is some photos of the completed scarf:


Aquatic Blossom Scarf Finished



Aquatic Blossom Scarf Finished 2

Pattern 2 – Crocodile Stitch

The second pattern uses a type of stitch that is being used for a pair of slippers I am making from a pattern I bought by Bonita Patterns, I just had to make a pair for myself and then I will make a few for the shop. The crocodile stitch that is used for the top of the slippers was a bit challenging to pick up at first so I searched out a basic video tutorial for that stitch. There are a few tutorials for this stitch out there but I found this one the most helpful by The Crochet Crowd. I enjoy his tutorials a bunch as he is very witty and makes fun jokes during his tutorials.

Here is a shot of one of the tops with the mini crocodile stitches that I made so far and of the slippers in the works.





Pattern 3 – Spring Petals

I found this pattern on Ravelry called Spring Petals and knew it would be the perfect pattern for a skein of the yarn I bought from a family friend who runs a yarn making shop called Western Sky Knits.

I think it turned out really great and will be available in my shop shortly!



Ok that is what I have for this week!

Two New Patterns

I tried 2 new patterns over the holiday weekend, the first is a pattern I found called Stashbuster by Sarahndipities. It us a super fun quick pattern you can make with anything, I am certainly going to use it again soon with all the leftover yarn I have like she recommends!

I made this into an infinity scarf too which makes it great warm wrap for cool to cold days. The yarn I used was a multi color acrylic yarn with reds, browns and dark magentas, reminds me of fall :)

Infinity Shell Scarf 3

Infinity Shell Scarf

Infinity Shell Scarf 1

Infinity Shell Scarf

Infinity Shell Scarf 2

Infinity Shell Scarf

The other pattern I tried is called the Divine Hat  by the same person whose Cable Hat pattern I have followed and used already. It makes a spiral effect and looks really neat when its done, I especially like how the yarn I used almost makes rows of color too.

Spiral Hat 1

Spiral Hat

Both are currently available for sale in my shop! Back to crocheting!

Newly Completed Items

Here are some photos of some newly completed items I have made. The first is a completed photo of the Afghan stitch scarf I was working on earlier. This scarf was super fun to make because both sides of the scarf are interesting and could be the ‘front’. Check out my shop listing for more detailed photos.

I also finished my Catherine Wheel Stitch hat. Also recently new to my shop, it turned out cute I like the alternating colors too.

I have used this stitch before but did not get a great photo of the hat so I did another using just navy blue but I plan to make more colors of this hat, it uses what is called a Butterfly Stitch, and I watched this video to give me a start, however I did not follow the pattern exactly to get the hat I made.

I will be posting an update with photos on my squares blanket, I have more colors done so look for that later this week!

Afghan Stitch Scarf

I was watching a video about how to do an Afghan Stitch and thought I could make a skinny scarf with the pattern using only 10 stitches across.

Here is the video:

Here is a photo of my scarf so far:


I am really liking the texture this pattern makes, will probably add some fringe to the ends once its done too!